Tex Avery Day, February 22, 2014


Did you know that Tex Avery was a native of Taylor, Texas?  Born to George and Mary Avery on February 26, 1908, Frederick Bean Avery spent his early years in Taylor.  The Avery’s moved to Dallas and Tex attended North Dallas High School, graduating with the Class of 1926.  Avery’s catch phrase “What’s up, Doc?” was cultivated in the school hallways.

Avery loved cartoons, though he didn’t have a high opinion of his own drawing skills.  He ended up in California at the Walter Lantz Studio, finally focusing on the production of animated cartoons.  Eventually Tex moved to Warner Brothers in 1935.  There he created the Looney Tune characters we are familiar with today:  Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig.  In 1941 Avery left Warner Brothers for MGM.  Disney was the king of animation at the time, so Avery took cartoons a different direction—falling anvils, sarcasm and innuendo–making audiences of all ages laugh.  Avery cranked out dozens of animated films for the next 15 years.

Tex Avery passed away August 26, 1980 of lung cancer, though his legacy of cartoon characters and wacky comic style influenced future animators and still entertains audiences today.


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